Visiting Angkor Wat? Here Is The Complete Guide

    bsh      Everything you need to know when visiting to Angkor Wat Appearing on the Nation’s flag, Angkor Wat is the most famous out of the hundreds of surviving temples within the huge complex.  Voted the best tourist attraction of 2015 by Lonely Planet, it really is easy to see why. The […]

Lay the guide was really good

The Cambodian Landmine Museum

With landmines still going off across the countryside in Cambodia, the presence of explosives is still very real for the ordinary Cambodian. In the last stretch of my cycle ride, as I approached Siem Reap I discovered the Cambodian Landmine Museum.  It’s a welcoming place which expertly portrays the horrors the country has suffered. A […]

Standing in front of a Cambodian school

Cycling from Vietnam to Cambodia

Cycling from Vietnam to Cambodia in the first leg of my Vietnam to the UK trip was a really fascinating journey. I had never prepared for something so much in my life, that is in terms of material things yet on the flip side never had I been so ill prepared as my longest ever […]