Cute baby pandas

Feeding Baby Pandas in Chengdu

Fancy feeding baby pandas for the day! You have come to right place. The staff at this panda volunteer program need your help, without volunteers they would struggle to complete the daily activities (such as feeding and cleaning) that are so crucial to the site running smoothly. Caring for these animals is an ongoing job, […]

Parkour In Hong Kong

Home to epic skyscrapers and incredible views, Hong Kong is the perfect city to channel your inner daredevil and try out one of the most extreme sports, Parkour. There are plenty of opportunities to do parkour in Hong Kong, as there are a multitude of mammoth buildings with towering rooftops all around the city, but […]

Hiking Up Mount Huashan

Climbing up Mount Huashan in China is an insane hike.  It leaves you perilously hanging on the side of a sheer drop of thousands of meters. Known as one of the most dangerous hikes in the world, Mount Huashan is situated about 120 kilometers from Xi’an.  The mountain range is so majestic that it served […]