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The Cambodian Landmine Museum; One Man’s fight Against Evil

An Inspiring Story of One Man’s Fight Against a Close to Invisible Enemy Aki Ra, a former Khmer Rouge guerrilla has dedicated himself to the total eradication of landmines in Cambodia.  Find out how his story has led to the most impactful landmine museum in the world. A Difficult History The period between 1975-1979 when […]

Skydiving in San Diego: My Terrifying Experience

A Skydive With Skydive San Diego – Everything You Need To Know About Sky Diving in San Diego Jumping from 13,000 ft from a plane going 140 mph is always going to make you feel nervous.  Luckily the people at Skydive San Diego are very friendly and know all the best tricks to make you […]

Cliff Jumping in Vancouver

Cliff Jumping Around Vancouver | Canada

There are some amazing spots for cliff jumping around Vancouver, check some of the top ones here WARNING: PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT THESE JUMPS IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Cliff jumping is performed by jumping off a cliff without any equipment.  Whereas with  equipment it is known as BASE jumping.  In 2015, […]