Celebrating Eid on the Streets of Cairo | Egypt

Celebrating in Eid al-Adha on the streets of Cairo, is an extremely joyous affair. What is  Eid al-Adha Eid al-Adha is the second Islamic festival of the year, and comes after Eid al-fitr which celebrates the end of a month of fasting, Ramadan. The festival lasts for 4 days and normally begins on the last […]

Cycling In The Desert

Cycling in the desert in Strong Winds heading through the Southern Sahara was certainly extreme. This is an extremely unforgiving environment, lots of people every get in trouble so it’s important to be prepared.  Strong, hot winds drive towards the equator across the Saharan desert.  These winds create powerful dust storms with incredible speed that […]

Hot Air Ballooning in Luxor

High above in a hot air balloon taking in the sites of the ”world’s greatest open-air museum” If you are scared of heights, this one isn’t for you. However, perhaps exceptions can be made considering the stunning views you get, wherever you look! What is in Luxor? Hot Air Ballooning in Luxor takes you over […]