Camping on Cayos Cochinos | Honduras

Alone with the locals on a paradise island, camping on Cayos Cochinos was everything I hoped it to be. Protected by the government, and off limits to any sort of commercial fishing, these islands are dream for any marine enthusiast.  There are even creatures in these seas that may not even names, due to it’s […]

Tegucigalpa is consistently ranked in the top ten most dangerous cities in the world

Experience Of Living In A Dangerous City

Living in Honduras was certainly an adventure, despite its many problems, Honduras is full of amazing people, stunning scenery and great party! Honduras is unfortunately situated in the Drug Triangle, as the majority of the drugs that arrive in the USA pass through Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. This has lead to gangs having large […]

Hitchhiking Across Central America

Hitchhiking through Central America is an easy way to get around.  You also get to meet some amazing people along the way! Having been teaching in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, I decided to plan a trip to see if I could get down to Panama City, the capital city of Panama.  We decided that hitchhiking would be […]