So What Is It Like Eating Dog in Vietnam?

My Story Of Eating Dog, a Cow’s Penis and Snake blood In Vietnam During my time living in Vietnam, you didn’t have to go too far to find cuisine that would make you think twice about trying it…… Five million dogs are eaten every year in Vietnam.  This means that the country is second only […]

Climbing Mount Batur at night | Bali

When most people dream about a Bali, what comes to mind are infamous white, sandy beaches with glorious blue water. You might imagine sitting underneath palm trees, drinking coconuts or even a cheap, relaxing massage.  What may not spring to mind right away is a climbing mount batur at night.  The trek is 2 and […]

Amazing Hikes In South Korea

There are some amazing hikes in South Korea.  And Colin took on the challenge of a lifetime by aiming to cross the entire width of South Korea, on foot, in a two week hike across South Korea.  It was going to take lots of planning,  a well-organised route and most of all, plenty of courage! […]

Man swimming in the freezing waters of the Antarctic

Swimming in the Antarctic | Argentina

A land full of glaciers, icebergs and Sea Lions, swimming in the Antarctic was something I really didn’t think, i’d ever do! I took the plunge in the Beagle Channel, which is situated around the southern most city in the world, Ushuaia.  After finding a good spot to jump in from, there was no turning […]