Camping in the Valley of Fire

You know Nevada for a few things.  You’ve have heard of Las Vegas, but what about the Valley of Fire? Camping in the Valley of Fire is the best way to experience the ancient aztec sandstone landscape full of pink, red and orange rock formations.  Only a short 80km ride from the gambling capital of […]

Top 5 Insane Travel Stories From 2020

Our Top Insanely Mad Adventures from the Year. Despite the global pandemic,  our insanely mad adventurers have found time to get up to some mischief. Man Walking the coastline of the UK with his dog Setting off in 2017 from Swansea, Christian Lewis decided to take on the challenge of walking the entire coastline of […]

The wide open mouth of a hippo.

Nearly Eaten By A Hippo

Ever Wondered What It Was Like To Be In The Jaws Of A Hippo? Africa is full of dangerous animals, but none more so than the Hippo.  Paul Templer takes us through his survival story of nearly being eaten by a hippo. After spending most his twenties on the waters of the Zambezi river in […]

Cliff Diving in Hawaii

Cliff Diving In Hawaii

The Hawaiian islands offer some of the best cliff jumping in the world. PLEASE NOTE – CLIFF DIVING IS VERY DANGEROUS, SO PROCEED WITH CAUTION. Here is a run down for the five best places for cliff diving in Hawaii. Laie Point This 30 ft nerve shredding jump, located on the north coast of the […]

Brazil’s Forbidden Snake Island

There are a few spots around the world where no ordinary civilians are allowed to visit. Area 51, Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, and Mezhgorye in Russia are all renowned for their secrecy. Providing a source for a constant stream of conspiracy theories. Ilha de Queimada (Snake Island), off the coast of Brazil, is […]

Walking Up The Sticky Waterfalls | Chiang Mai

Not far from the touristy, gated old city of Chiang Mai, there is a tucked-away, natural waterfall.  It is commonplace for locals to leave their shoes behind and walk up the Sticky Waterfalls. A waterfall where visitors can literally walk up the stones and not worry about slipping. Known as Bua Tong in Thai, the […]

Camping in the Golden Circle in Iceland

Stunning scenery and the northern lights illuminating the night sky, make Iceland an incredible place to camp. Camping in Iceland lets you be up close and personal, with a country that offers so much. There are many reasons, why camping is a more sensible choice than staying in hotels.  Outside the capital, Reykjavik the amount […]

Outside of Russia, Hokkaido has the world's biggest brown bear population

Camping and Hitchhiking in Hokkaido | Japan

Spending a week, hitchhiking and camping in Hokkaido in one of the last great wildernesses. Hokkaido is the northern most island in Japan.  It is an untamed land of brown bears, hot springs and national parks.  Being the second largest island in Japan  and covering 22% of the land mass, Hokkaido is much bigger than […]

Diving into a Cenote | Mexico (Video)

Diving into a Cenote in the Jungle Surrounded by Long Vines Stretching Down to the Surface. Tucked away in the Yucatán Peninsula, is the Ik Kil Cenote. A natural made swimming pool, formed by the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. Diving into the Cenote was an Event put on by Red Bull Red Bull […]