Climbing Mount Batur at night | Bali

When most people dream about a Bali, what comes to mind are infamous white, sandy beaches with glorious blue water. You might imagine sitting underneath palm trees, drinking coconuts or even a cheap, relaxing massage.  What may not spring to mind right away is a climbing mount batur at night.  The trek is 2 and […]

Amazing Hikes In South Korea

There are some amazing hikes in South Korea.  And Colin took on the challenge of a lifetime by aiming to cross the entire width of South Korea, on foot, in a two week hike across South Korea.  It was going to take lots of planning,  a well-organised route and most of all, plenty of courage! […]

Man swimming in the freezing waters of the Antarctic

Swimming in the Antarctic | Argentina

A land full of glaciers, icebergs and Sea Lions, swimming in the Antarctic was something I really didn’t think, i’d ever do! I took the plunge in the Beagle Channel, which is situated around the southern most city in the world, Ushuaia.  After finding a good spot to jump in from, there was no turning […]

Camping in the Golden Circle in Iceland

Stunning scenery and the northern lights illuminating the night sky, make Iceland an incredible place to camp. Camping in Iceland lets you be up close and personal, with a country that offers so much. There are many reasons, why camping is a more sensible choice than staying in hotels.  Outside the capital, Reykjavik the amount […]

Outside of Russia, Hokkaido has the world's biggest brown bear population

Camping and Hitchhiking in Hokkaido | Japan

Spending a week, hitchhiking and camping in Hokkaido in one of the last great wildernesses. Hokkaido is the northern most island in Japan.  It is an untamed land of brown bears, hot springs and national parks.  Being the second largest island in Japan  and covering 22% of the land mass, Hokkaido is much bigger than […]

The World’s Most Insane Food Fight

Every August, thousands of people take part in the world’s most insane food fight. Carnage and mayhem can be the only words to describe this festival.  Thousands of people cram the tight streets of Buñol, and take aim at anybody and everybody! One of the biggest dates in the Spanish calendar, La Tomatina is a […]

Insane Headcam shots of bull running

Ever wondered what it was like running with the bulls in Pamplona, look no further Come on board with Evan as he runs through the streets of Pamplona as part of the most significant event of the San Fermin festival. Dating back to the 14th Century, running with the bulls in Pamplona is a major […]

Diving into a Cenote | Mexico (Video)

Diving into a Cenote in the Jungle Surrounded by Long Vines Stretching Down to the Surface. Tucked away in the Yucatán Peninsula, is the Ik Kil Cenote. A natural made swimming pool, formed by the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. Diving into the Cenote was an Event put on by Red Bull Red Bull […]

Village Life in Chad

Experiencing every day life in a rural village in Chad, was an extremely eye-opening to what people have to go through just to make it through the day. Chad is a land-locked country with a life expectancy of 51.  That is 30 years less than the UK.  Chad is a place of extreme poverty and […]