Seable offer scuba diving courses for disabled people

Visually Impaired Scuba Diving

With the help of Seable, Stephen Campbell, a totally blind man was able to try Scuba Diving. People must think Stephen to be completely awe-inspiring, to go so far out of his comfort zone, and plunge into the salty depths of the coast of Sicily.  Thanks to the hard of lots of people, Seable are […]

Going around the World on a Bike

There is a word that sums up the recognised physical condition that gives some people the compulsive urge to travel. It is called dromomania and I am greatly affected by it. It was this urge that planted a seed in my head about setting myself the challenge of going around the world by bicycle. Combined […]

The World’s Highest Slackline Festival

The Highline Meeting in Monte Piana is the highest slacklining festival in the world. Every year, slackliners (people who walk along a slackline) come to the slopes of Monte Piana.  Festival goers spend the night hanging hundreds of feet high in the Italian Alps. The world’s highest slackline festival offers the perfect juxtaposition of completely […]