Camping in Tokyo | Japan

Who would have thought that there would be camping in Tokyo.  A huge mega city like Tokyo with serene camping spots? Never?! After spending the first night staying in a hostel, we decided to look for a camping site.  Camping in Tokyo is fairly easy as there are four to five spots to choose from.  […]

Bullet train in Japan (Video)

The bullet train in Japan is a really quick way to get around the country.  Seeing everything whizz by as we were travelling at 250mph I was looking to trying out the bullet train, as I had heard so much about it.  Seeing the bullet shaped front of the train looking so sleek was very […]

Outside of Russia, Hokkaido has the world's biggest brown bear population

Camping and Hitchhiking in Hokkaido | Japan

Spending a week, hitchhiking and camping in Hokkaido in one of the last great wildernesses. Hokkaido is the northern most island in Japan.  It is an untamed land of brown bears, hot springs and national parks.  Being the second largest island in Japan  and covering 22% of the land mass, Hokkaido is much bigger than […]