Seven Day Meditation Retreat

High in the hills of the Burmese mountains is the setting where Burmese and foreigners stay for a week to do a seven day long meditation retreat. Now in 60th retreat, this seven day meditation retreat has proved to be popular; every year passes more and more people come.  A big draw for people are […]

What’s it like Volunteering in a Monastery?

Ever thought about volunteering in a monastery?  Then this experience could be the one for you. The Thabarwa monastery just outside Yangon is a refuge, where volunteers from all over the world help poor, handicapped and sick people. Thabarwa is run exclusively on donations and takes care of over 4000 people.  The monastery put special […]

Monks lighting candles for the deceased.

Exclusive Interview with A Monk

A friend of the site has recently travelled to Myanmar to have an interview with a monk. Read Ozin’s transformation from normal life to Monk life and he has managed to adapt to different way of living. What led you to become a monk here in Myanmar? For a long time, I had been fed […]