My Meditation Retreat Story – The Complete Rundown

An Alternative Meditation Retreat To Your Usual Vipassana The is my meditation retreat story in this week long retreat.  As burmese and western people high up in the mountains in Myanmar join forces in this week long awakening. What is Special About it? Now in 60th retreat, this seven day meditation retreat has proved to […]

My Experience Of A Monastery In Yangon

Ever thought about volunteering in a monastery?  Here is my brutally honest experience of a monastery in I lived in the Thabarwa community. The monastery is the perfect mix of a spritual journey and making a difference in a community.  Just outside Yangon in Myanmar, volunteers from all over the world take part in the […]

15 Interesting Insights Into A Monk’s LIfe

A friend of the site has recently travelled to Myanmar to have an interview with a monk. Read and watch Ozin (Monk in Burmese) Sayadaw u Ottamasara’s transformation from normal life to Monk life and he has managed to adapt to different way of living. What Is Meditation? Some Questions We Asked What strange rules […]