Hiking The Tongariro Crossing

Dip a Toe in an Emerald-Colored Lake   Visitors to New Zealand walk around with jaws dropped and eyes wide at the picturesque landscapes – but the magic of what you see at the peak of the North Island’s Tongariro Crossing is the most breathtaking of all. Hiking the Tongariro Crossing takes nearly  20 kilometers […]

Zorbing in Rotorua (Video)

The world’s first zorbing track originated in Rotorua, New Zealand. Zorbing in Rotorua lets you spin in a giant ball you get into before rolling along various tracks. If you decide to have a go at zorbing in Rotorua, the innovative circuit will roll you down a hill, through a zigzag hurdle path with many […]

Diving down

Free Diving and Spearfishing In Spirits Bay

New Zealand has a vibrant and varied marine wildlife, which makes it a great place for diving and spearfishing. Arriving from England, we were excited to travel around New Zealand and to swim in its waters. After landing in Auckland, we made our way up to the furthest point north in the country, a spot […]