Seven Day Meditation Retreat

High in the hills of the Burmese mountains is the setting where Burmese and foreigners stay for a week to do a seven day long meditation retreat. Now in 60th retreat, this seven day meditation retreat has proved to be popular; every year passes more and more people come.  A big draw for people are […]

What’s it like Volunteering in a Monastery?

Ever thought about volunteering in a monastery?  Then this experience could be the one for you. The Thabarwa monastery just outside Yangon is a refuge, where volunteers from all over the world help poor, handicapped and sick people. Thabarwa is run exclusively on donations and takes care of over 4000 people.  The monastery put special […]

Monks lighting candles for the deceased.

Exclusive Interview with A Monk

A friend of the site has recently travelled to Myanmar to have an interview with a monk. Read Ozin’s transformation from normal life to Monk life and he has managed to adapt to different way of living. What led you to become a monk here in Myanmar? For a long time, I had been fed […]

Cycling around Anghor Wat

Cycling around Angkor Wat is completely mesmerising, the 8th Century temple holds so many secrets that you unlock as round every corner. As part of my Ho Chi MInh to Siem Reap cycle trip, I took a day to see the biggest religious monument in the world.  Discovered by Henri Mouhot in the middle of […]

Sensory Deprivation Chamber in Saigon

Spending an hour in a sensory deprivation chamber in Saigon After hearing about it from a colleague, I thought to myself I really need to try this out.   Upon arrival, I had been told so much before about what it would be like, but truth be told I had no idea about what to expect. […]

The meditation has so many health benefits

Experience Of A Ten Day Meditation Course

The most difficult challenge of my life was to take on this ten day meditation course. Having never done meditation before, it seemed a bit mad to jump straight in the deep end and do a ten day meditation course. To not speak for the entirety of the course and to only eat vegetarian food […]