Travelling in Thailand – Camping and Cycling

Fancy Cycling around Thailand?  It’s the perfect way for travelling in Thailand. This was the favorite leg of my south-east Asia cycling trip.  Spending time alongside Thai people eating delicious food at campground BBQ’s and travelling through national parks far from the reaches of crowded tourist sites was worth every moment. Cycling In Thailand Lasting […]

Diving in Koh Tao - Photo Epic Gap Year

Scuba Diving Story in Koh Tao

Achieved After three days of intense dives, physical challenges, swim tests, skills and theory exams, I am Open Water Certified. My scuba diving story in Koh Tao was one of the most memorable tales I have, and certainly one of the most challenging mental and physical task I’ve faced. Fear of open water ✓ Fear […]

Walking Up The Sticky Waterfalls | Chiang Mai

Not far from the touristy, gated old city of Chiang Mai, there is a tucked-away, natural waterfall.  It is commonplace for locals to leave their shoes behind and walk up the Sticky Waterfalls. A waterfall where visitors can literally walk up the stones and not worry about slipping. Known as Bua Tong in Thai, the […]