Volcano Walking In Ethiopia

Photos from a trip volcano walking in Ethiopia. North east of Addis Abeba stands Erta Ale,.   The searing heat of the magma is intense as you gingerly peer over the side, to get a glimpse of the red hot molten liquid.  A 4×4 is a must for traversing the large Danakil desert, which takes you […]

Diving down

Free Diving and Spearfishing In Spirits Bay

New Zealand has a vibrant and varied marine wildlife, which makes it a great place for diving and spearfishing. Arriving from England, we were excited to travel around New Zealand and to swim in its waters. After landing in Auckland, we made our way up to the furthest point north in the country, a spot […]

Visiting North Korea

Entering the Kingdom of Kim – Visiting North Korea With the unorthodox diplomacy of the Trump Administration and the unpredictable Kim Jong-Un responding in kind, North Korea is not quite as closed off to the world as it was just a few years ago. However, it continues to retain a certain allure for “dark tourists” […]