Camping in the Valley of Fire

You know Nevada for a few things.  You’ve have heard of Las Vegas, but what about the Valley of Fire? Camping in the Valley of Fire is the best way to experience the ancient aztec sandstone landscape full of pink, red and orange rock formations.  Only a short 80km ride from the gambling capital of […]

Cliff Diving in Hawaii

Cliff Diving In Hawaii

The Hawaiian islands offer some of the best cliff jumping in the world. PLEASE NOTE – CLIFF DIVING IS VERY DANGEROUS, SO PROCEED WITH CAUTION. Here is a run down for the five best places for cliff diving in Hawaii. Laie Point This 30 ft nerve shredding jump, located on the north coast of the […]

Skydiving in San Diego

There are many reasons why I chose the Golden state to take on my own adventure – skydiving in San Diego. The Californian Coast is bursting with opportunity for unique experiences,  apart from skydiving in San Diego, there are incredible National Parks, gorgeous people inside and out, breathtaking and very varied views, and so much […]

The Aurora in Fairbanks

Video of the Aurora in Alaska

Watch insane footage of the aurora, as it lights up the Alaskan sky. Join Ron Murray as he takes you on his journey with a video of the aurora in Alaska. Situated close to the Arctic Circle, Fairbanks is the perfect spot for watching the Aurora as it sits right below the oval of the […]

Going around the World on a Bike

There is a word that sums up the recognised physical condition that gives some people the compulsive urge to travel. It is called dromomania and I am greatly affected by it. It was this urge that planted a seed in my head about setting myself the challenge of going around the world by bicycle. Combined […]

Climbing half dome at Yosemite

Climbing half dome was well worth the exertion, for the views alone! Located in Yosemite Valley, Half Dome is so-called for its distinct shape.  Climbing half dome is 14 miles in total and to reach the top you need to follow cables, which track a route alongside the dome. Glacier Point, Cloud’s Rest and Mist Trails […]