A Saudi band playing traditional music

Cool Festival In Saudi Arabia

A really cool festival in Saudi Arabia which brings the country together in shared joy.  Activities range hugely, camel racing to drifting (cars making handbrake turns at break neck speeds). Saudi Arabia has a rich heritage and culture, which is celebrated with multiple festivals throughout the country, annually.  One of the major ones is the […]

The World’s Highest Slackline Festival

The Highline Meeting in Monte Piana is the highest slacklining festival in the world. Every year, slackliners (people who walk along a slackline) come to the slopes of Monte Piana.  Festival goers spend the night hanging hundreds of feet high in the Italian Alps. The world’s highest slackline festival offers the perfect juxtaposition of completely […]

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The Bog Snorkeling Championship | Wales

The Bog Snorkeling Championship in Wales has developed an unlikely cult following. People are coming from all over to bear the wind and rain of Wales to watch this crazy championship.  The even takes place at Llanwrtyd Wells, situated no more than a three hour train ride from Cardiff.  How Did The Bog Snorkeling Championship […]

Viking Festival in The Shetland Islands

Every year, people on the Shetland Islands celebrate their Viking past with a festival called Up Helly Aa.  Islanders in elaborate costumes brandishing fire torches, parade through the streets of various towns on the islands.  The festival wraps up with a dramatic burning of a Viking ship.  The festival not only connects the past with […]