What is Insanelymadadventures.com?

A site that focuses on only the most insane adventures.  We are a partly user generated site, where we receive people’s insane travelling stories.

How do I make money from Insanely mad adventures when I write a story?

On each page we have advertising embedded in each page, so when you write a story an advertisement (normally in the form of a banner) will automatically be placed in your story.  Then when a user clicks on the banner we receive revenue.

We have tiered payout structure, and reward creators with more money if they earn more money for the site.

Until you reach $250 dollars earned from the site you will be paid 25% of total revenue.

$250 to $500 earned from the site you will receive 35% of total revenue.

Once you get past $500 earned from the site you will receive 50% of total revenue.

Any questions please contact our Facebook page or by email

What sort of story will tend to make me more money?

If you have been on the site, you will see there is an insaneometer.  The insaneometer is a barometer where users vote on how insane the story is.  The higher the insaneometer is on an article, the higher up the page the story will be in a particular countries’ feed.

Normally stories over, 600 words with pictures, get people’s attention more.

Can I upload videos?

Yes, simply place the link to your youtube video on the video.

How do I know how much money I have made?

Presently the site send out monthly emails, which will tell you how much money you have earnt

When will I get paid?

From when we send the email, we will make payment thirty days later.

How will I get paid?

We can pay via paypal or bank transfer.  We can converse about this via email