Zorbing in Rotorua (Video)

The world’s first zorbing track originated in Rotorua, New Zealand. Zorbing in Rotorua lets you spin in a giant ball you get into before rolling along various tracks.

If you decide to have a go at zorbing in Rotorua, the innovative circuit will roll you down a hill, through a zigzag hurdle path with many slips and turns. Two Kiwis looking for some thrilling game innovated the sport in New Zealand in the 1990. Zorbing is now a global business with franchise agents spanning across various countries.


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The different tracks you can take

Zorbing in Rotorua

OGO being the most popular company in the country.  Travelers can explore both wet and dry zorbing activities on five diverse marathon tracks at the OGO site, located in Rotorua.

This site comprises of four types of tracks:

  • Straight track – 250m long slope that permits a maximum of three riders at a time per globe.
  • The Sidewinder – Comprises of six giant twists and corners, Being the longest track, it permits a maximum of three riders per globe and spreads over a massive 350m stretch.
  • The Big Air – Drops, corners and turns on a 300m stretch, allowing up to two people per globe.
  • The Mega track – A 300m stretch permits two people per globe creating a hydro zorbing experience. It consists of both a high drop on the hill and aquatic thrills simultaneously.


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The zorb has plenty of cushion – Source Tiki Touring

Was it worth it?

Costing $140 NZ ($90 US) is does work out to be fairly expensive, but after grateful gentle persuasion I received from my girlfriend I am glad I did it.  The staff are extremely helpful and the wet ride was especially amazing!

How does it work?

This Kiwi invention is suitable for all age groups willing to snuggle into an enormous ball made of transparent plastic with air cushioning. The bigger outer transparent ball faces the intense bouncing and the person inside the inner capsule is completely safe. As the ball rolls down a long grassy slope, the person sitting inside also called zorbonaut starts spinning around in a virtual anti-gravity form with zero weight similar to a space traveler. As the zorbonaut keeps tumbling, the centrifugal force keeps him pressed against the plastic wall, thus making it a smooth ride following the flow while enjoying the revolving view outside.


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Getting in is a bit of a tight squeeze – Source Everything New Zealand









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